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We are redefining the property industry by seamlessly combining the power of people and technology. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences is driving us forward and leading the industry into what's next. As pioneers in this evolving landscape, we envision a future where innovation and the human touch converge to set new standards and redefine excellence in real estate.

Our Companies .

We are a strong team of technology leaders and real estate experts who will bring their experience in various businesses to the real estate industry with new generation property technologies and establish a new way of customized customer experience.

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We shape the world of real estate with our innovations.

Founders .



Ziya Eren was born in 1968 in Kayseri, Turkey. He is one of Turkey’s prominent industrialists, having started his career with a small business and transforming it into a large conglomerate employing 1000 people, operating in various sectors including iron and steel, tourism, trade, retail, industry, and real estate. Throughout his commercial journey, Ziya Eren has closely engaged with the real estate sector, and now, he is embarking on a path to bring a brand new perspective and value in line with the current and future conditions to the real estate sector by combining his expertise with digital technology under the name of Hausberry.



He has a deep commercial experience and a solid backround in finance industry. He took a senior executive various role opportunities in Banking organization such as lead sales team putting in a disciplined execution strategy for successful results, doing all marketing, product and business development activities and entrepreneurship/start up program management. In addition to this he also supervised digital banking, digital transformation, segment managment, project finance and investment banking. While continuing to work in the startup ecosystem, he is also one of the industry’s leading names in the field of proptech.


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